July 29, 2011

aWT 4 Age Conversion

Hi! Sorry for dropping out of existence. I've been busy learning to drive and stuff (scary I know!) I've had several projects that I'd like to get done and this is one of them. There aren't very many good male hairs around and this is one of favorites. It's also for females since that's how aWT had it *Warning high poly!* Be sure to go thank aWT and download the adult version also.

June 24, 2011

LN Bikini for Teens and Elders

Hi! Nice LN swimwear - but only for adults. I understand not doing it for elders but no teens EA? That was just lazy considering that this was basically a copy and paste job. I did it for both, I don't usually dress my grannies in bikinis but it's probably useful for someone.... LN not required! It's for undies too cause that's how the original was.

June 13, 2011

Summer Style For Girls

Schools finally over! Celebrate with this cute dress for your sim girls.
Everyday & Formal - 3 Channels - Hairs by Anubis - 3014 polys 


I think EA's a little gender confused - for some reason they marked these two shoes for boys and it's really been annoying me, the worst part is that they were marked for random also! I have no interest in dressing my boys and shoes with bows and I'm guessing that probably 95% you don't either. This mod will disable cuShoesEP4PrincessSlippers and cmShoesEP4MaryJanes for males.
Obviously requires Generations - doesn't affect the dress-up chest 

May 21, 2011

New management

Now under new management - 300% more brainz eating! Hope you all survived your zombie apocalypse/rapture.
- With regards your new zombie overlords