January 19, 2011

No more help needed :D

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A lot of you commented on the t-shirts my sims were wearing in my last update. I would like to post them but I'm having a really hard time reaching the mesh creator Sugichaco. She's has a very active blog and twitter account but the problem is that she speaks Japanese and I don't know a word of it (konichiwa?) If anyone happens to know Japanese you would be really helpful right now! Even if you don't I would appreciate the help, I can't leave a comment on her blog because it says I need a password which I assume means I need an account. I don't see anywhere to get an account :/ Bablefish isn't very good for these sort of things.... Also maybe it's possible I missed an email address somewhere? If you found that it would be great :)

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I left her a message on twitter but I don't think she can see it because she's not following me, I haven't used Twitter in a long time.... So basically if you're able to contact her somehow please let me know and tell me how to get in touch. If I'm unable to contact her I'll still release the shirts knowing I tried my honest best but I would like to release these on MTS too so permission is necessary.

Here's a tiny (literally... it's a GIF) preview of the shirts, 15 designs :)

Edit: All this waiting has given me a lot of time. I figured that since I love these shirts so much why not just make my own mesh? I have enough know-how to figure it out! Of course it is my first clothing mesh and so it's possible that something could go horribly wrong but at this point it seems like it's going smoothly... It turns out that Sugi's mesh was a pretty simple edit in the first place. With it being my own mesh I will be doing the teen and elder versions (hopefully...) if it's possible I'd love to do children too but I shouldn't get ahead of myself! Pregnancy version is also possible :)

Wish me luck and thank you Jillie for being the only one to help. I have a long weekend! I hope you're all bracing the frigid winter :)

Edit edit:  Mesh failed, better start simpler! Shirts with Sugi's mesh have been submitted to MTS :)


j i l l i e said...

The farthest I got with this was her Read me file that says "¦Please do not redistribute this file.

¦Do not remodel the DDS files.

¦When you distribute the re-color of my files, you must report me where you distribute them.
And you must bundle my read me text file (this one) with a distribution files.
--But you must not bundle my package files with a distribution files.--
Please link to my site, SugiLog, on the distribution page.

‚·‚¬ƒƒO SugiLog

I looked everywhere for an email address, but couldn't find one.

Robodl95 said...

Thank you, the recolor part isn't on her policies page on her site :)

KATSU。 said...

Hey man, I was wondering if you could convert this set of eyes by Oritasho. I'd really appreciate it, thank you!

Robodl95 said...

Sure :3

sugichaco said...

Hi, I'm sugichaco.
Thank you for using my mesh.
I'm very happy!
Your design is very pretty!

...and sorry!
I didn't write my address on my site.

I changed my Terms of Use a little, and I decided to distribute mesh.
But you already made CC, so you don't have to download this mesh.:)
Thank you.

I'm not good at English.
If there is wrong expression, I am sorry.
thank you!

Robodl95 said...

Thank you :) It's great to hear from you and it's nice to know that I have the option to fall back on your mesh if my attempt fails. Your English is fine!

Tomislaw said...

I like this shirt :D I can't help to you with Japanese Artist because I have also problems with understanding Japanese Language :D

Thank you for comment at my blog. I'm plan adapt this mesh also for Adults included with pregnant morph.

But, I'm current in playing with Teens into game. When they became YA - I promise! ;) I'll used same texture for YA.

About All Style - oh, I didn't saw her historical meshes - but, first a few meshes are similiar to my newest dress for Teens (except, my shoes are visible) :-/