May 21, 2011

New management

Now under new management - 300% more brainz eating! Hope you all survived your zombie apocalypse/rapture.
- With regards your new zombie overlords

May 16, 2011

Peggy 723 Retexture

Why does Peggy poor black on everything? This didn't just have black roots but black tips as well.....
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May 15, 2011

Coming Soon

This'll be out in the next two weeks. It's a conversion of the hat from TSS.

May 14, 2011

Save Parsimonious!

Parsimonious was one of the first CC sites for The Sims 1, they moved to Ts2 and provided a large chunk of the Victorian meshes out there with lots of other cool stuff, they also have some great looking stuff for TS3. Parsimonious is having some financial problems and they need your help! It would be devastating to see them close, not many sites can boast 10 years of content!

Kate says: in addition to a lot of administrative chaos, I'm now faced with a big financial problem which only YOU can solve (yes you...). I shan't bore you with the specific details here (you can read those in our Support pages) but I am now begging each and every one of you to give up a minute of your life to fill in this survey.

It doesn't matter if you've filled it out in previous years, it requires no information that is specific and personal to you, no tracking, no sign up, essentially it is completely harmless, but absolutely vital for us in order to keep a huge portion of our funding (no funding = no Parsimonious or any of the other 27 Sims sites who get free hosting from us). In spite of a really quiet year we're still chowing our way through well over 100Gb of bandwidth each and every day, thanks to some canny thinking and some help from our web host, costs have actually gone down in spite of rising traffic for the first time in 7 years BUT it is still a great deal more than I can personally afford. So please just take it - it won't bite and there's a good chance that it help if enough people respond (I am looking for at least 2000 responses in order to stave off disaster, but getting more responses would be very helpful)

 Please help Parsimonious!

May 2, 2011

Anto/Anubis Flower Headband for Children and Toddlers (UPDATE!)

I did this conversion a long time ago. But then aWT made his sliders so I felt compelled to update them. Why did I update the pictures? I don't know really, I just felt like it I guess...... What's the update? The headbands can now be used with aWTs hat sliders in order to get a perfect fit on almost any hair that you want. You do not need the sliders to download them.

In related news I hope you like the new look....

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