May 2, 2011

Anto/Anubis Flower Headband for Children and Toddlers (UPDATE!)

I did this conversion a long time ago. But then aWT made his sliders so I felt compelled to update them. Why did I update the pictures? I don't know really, I just felt like it I guess...... What's the update? The headbands can now be used with aWTs hat sliders in order to get a perfect fit on almost any hair that you want. You do not need the sliders to download them.

In related news I hope you like the new look....

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Shyne said...

Your best work yet, uber cute <3

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the hair for the right girl at the bottom? It's super cute! =)

Robodl95 said...

Shyne this is super old work, I released it in August! XD

The hair is an age conversion I did of a retextured XM sims hair by Anubis. I'm not going to be releasing the age conversion because there's a big bald spot in the back but you can find the adult version on Anubis's blog.