August 28, 2010


Wow so much to talk about! I have some good news..... and some bad news........

Good news first, I have gotten my new computer and guess what?? The bone tool works!!!!!! This means that I will be able to do a lot more conversions!

Now the bad news, obviously as you can see the bandwidth issues have not been worked out yet, the plan I had failed obviously so at this point it's either buy bandwidth or move EVERYTHING to a new host (don't wanna do that)

Now for more bad news, tomorrow I head back to school so I will have way less time to update. I 'm actually really excited for this year though, I'm entering high school which should be cool and I'm also taking some challenging classes (yes I am a nerd :D), I'm still pretty nervous though because I'm a bit of a procrastinator! 

So it's a big time of change! I can't wait to see what comes of the future :)

Enjoy this picture

Anto 27 Age Conversion

So just another one I've been working on, I've been very productive the last few days! It's for children and toddlers both genders, credits go the Anubis for the original conversion!

Peggy 4781 Child Conversion

Okay so even though things are hectic (School starts Wednesday, house is still screwed from the lightning and the image problem) I still wanted to post one of the things I've been working on then forgot about XD Here is Nubie's Peggy 4781 Conversion for children I didn't do it for toddlers because I saw really early on that it just wouldn't work. About 7000 polys for HQ. Thanks Nubie! I LOVE this hair! And thanks Simcredible for the cute pattern

Anto/Anubis Flower Headband for Children and Toddlers

This accessory is SO pretty! Anto's original was great and Anubis's conversion was amazing! I've been waiting patiently (no just kidding I was ripping my hair out impatiently) but I think nubie forgot to do it for the kiddies like he said he was going to :'(

It's under glasses, the poly count is about 4000 for HQ, all the LODs are assigned properly (the adult version had a slight mistake, he had LOD 2 where 1 should be and 1 where 3 should be)

You can find all the hairs at Anubis's blog except for the blond toddler's which you can find here.

Tum's 8k5 Hair for Children and Toddlers

This was on my big bucket list of "hairs that really should be for kids too", I've been offline for the last few days because my house was nearly struck by lightning and luckily it didn't actually hit it but it knocked out a lot of things like water, cable, phone, internet, and lot's of other stuff, and my TV was fried :'( I'm sad about that. Compared to what COULD of happened though we were very lucky and I am thankful :)

It's for males and females but I don't care for it on girls so I didn't take any pictures of them, maybe someone will want it though.....  Thanks Tum!

Everybody Scream!!!!

Hey guys, I don't know what's up, I just haven't been in the mood for any hairs lately! I've been working at some other stuff and I have a few cool sets that I'm working on, I have a short attention span and I flit between projects a lot :P so anyway here's another painting set, sorry it's so small, I normally like to release big sets since the painting "market" is so competitive that you need big sets to stand out..... I found a couple (four to be exact) neat designs and so here you go, the weirdest part is that yesterday (after I finished it) I saw the Homer one in real life! talk about coincidences!

Foboarts Painting Set

Have you ever seen Foboart's from deviants work? He is such an amazing artist and I love everything he's done. So I converted nearly every piece of his art (save a few that just didn't fit on the painting mesh I was using) for the Sims. They would be adorable in a nursery or kids room (most of them anyway). Please check out his original artwork here! (and sorry about the spelling mistake in the title -_-)

So it total that is 36 paintings all linked to a single mesh/slot

Why do people sing & dance in my pee?

T-Shirts, are they difficult? no, are they uber cute and fun to make? YES! Here is a set of 16 t-shirts (all under one CAS slot) for children both genders, everyday, athletic & sleepwear. All credits for the original images go to the original artists! Thanks!!

Because Children Swim Also!!!!!

Hi everyone! So... I don't know if anyone feels the same way but EA's clothing selection for children sucks! Especially for swimwear because we had like 2 choices of outfits for them, either shorts and a top which is a little odd and isn't really swimwear or a one piece which is alright but it was kinda ugly and I know that children do have a little bit more variety than that. So I converted that one cute bikini for adults to children and man was it tough! It took a long time but I think I got it to a point where it looks decent! I expect to get burned on it because it really isn't a style a child would wear, maybe for a preteen but yeah it's totally unrealistic, I just was desperate for a little variety... don't hate me for it! The top & bottom are seperate so you can mix & match, 2 channels a piece obviously, the designs shown are the presets.

Savio 12 Retexture

Savio did another amazingly gorgeous and simple hair! Savio's textures aren't ridiculously bad but I have to say, Anubis has converted me, I am now a full believer in the "real highlights" thing, I still think that it looks horrible if you want real highlights that are totally different than your main hair color but I think that it is better than the other way.... Thanks Sav! And I hope you like my new model, I think she's udderly adorable! I've tried downloading a little more CC to use on my models as opposed to my previous stance of "no CC on models!", Lemon Leaf's makeup is wonderful but I've found that her contacts are extremely scary.... If you are wondering about anything the models have don't hesitate to ask :)

Poly Count: The polycount is high but not as bad as some others, it's about 12k
Credits: Cazy/Anto for the texture
Savio for the pretty hair
I will try doing it for children but I haven't even started yet so I don't know how it'll go, my last savio age conversion didn't go so well.....

Savio 12 Age Conversion

Hi! This hair was requested, it was actually a very simple conversion! I think it came out pretty good... it's the retexture by me (Just check the post beneath this! ) Thanks to Savio of course! (Check below for more information) It's 12k polys. Oh and I'm doing a little site work, you probably notice that the theme is miles better than the last one, I also hope to have a banner, siggy and affiliate icon by the end of the day :)

Peggy 459 Retexture

When I set out to retexture this recent Peggy hair I didn't know what to expect, it looked like a cute hair but the textures were very pixelated (even for peggy's standards!) however once I retextured it I was like WOW I really love this hair! I think that this hair is gorgeous and extremely sexy. It's classic and elegant. I think that it would be perfect if you were making a Little Bo Peep sim, all you would need is a bonnet! Oh and I got a new model too hope you like her :)

Peggy Obviously
Anubis for allowing me to use his textures and for being insanely helpful, thanks nubie :)

Raon 8 Age Conversion

This hair is cute... just not on adults. The original was by Raon but I converted Anubis's Fix & Retexture I did it for Kids and toddlers but the toddler version annoyed the hell out of me! I think that the child version looks good but the toddler version just looks horrible to me! I know that it is WAY too big for their head and it floats insanely! If I made it any thinner then it overlapped the sims face a lot and I thought that that looked worse than the way it is now, it's simply hard to do an age conversion of some hairs, please don't bitch at me about it because I know it's bad, I just don't have the meshing skills to do a better job of it! The packages are seperate in the file so you can download just the child version, maybe somebody will have a use for the toddler version/not mind it's faults.... sorry :'(

Raon 39 Toddler Conversion

This is one of my favorite hairs for men period. I use it all the time in my game, I never liked how Anubis skipped doing it for toddlers though, it's a reasonable style and he did it for kids so why skip the toddlers!?!

Polycount: This hair is very low poly (3000 or so) and you shouldn't have any problems using it

Thanks to
Delphy & HP
Lady Front Bum