August 28, 2010

Raon 70 Age Conversion

I'm one of those sim players that like continuity in my game. If you were to look at pictures of my sims from toddler to elder you would find that they basically all look a like! I rarely change the looks of them, in fact nearly every sim has a color pallet that they keep at all ages and every outfit XD does anyone else play like this? So it's a little annoying when children/toddlers get the shaft, it's not that hard to convert for children/toddlers so I don't know why more creators don't do it. It gives me something to do at least :D

Obviously this hair is for child & toddler girls

I may actually end up retexturing this because I don't like Anubis's control maps, I didn't change it because I know that a lot of people like how Anubis does it and I wanted those people who do to have a complete set. It's funny how there can be such a difference of opinion over such a small thing. 

Thank you Savio for the original conversion and for allowing me to convert it for children.
Thank you Anubis for allowing me to use your textures (This links to the adult version if you would like to download that)
Lady Front Bum for the skins

Polygon Counts:
7442 (For both)

Additional Credits:
HP for the great tutorial & DABOOBS

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