August 28, 2010

Butterflies Fly Away- Anto 51 Retextured

You can all thank me for getting that stuck in your head later :D Anyways beginning us on the slur of retextures that I'll be posting is Anto 51 which was converted by Tumtum now I know what you'll all thinking "Now wait just one minute Anubis already did a retexture! why would you do another retexture using nearly the same textures!" Now I have two reasons. 1. I did this before he did his, now I know what you must be thinking now (and yes I'm psychic) "What are you babbling about now! He did his retexture weeks ago!!!" and again as I've said before, It takes forever to upload to MTS! Originally I uploaded this about 3 weeks ago having to make one set of corrections, well I sort of forgot to do them *cough* 2. There are slight differences, my hair is a little bit fuller and fluffier.

That being said I know that I'll get a lot of hate but whatever I REALLY like this hair! It's very cute and I'm forcing a lot of my sims to wear it :P

The hairclip is only one channel and the hair is found under hats.

Again big thanks to Tum for the conversion, Anto/Cazy/Anubis for the texture, also sorry for the brunette model that everyone hates, these are old pics so I haven't changed her yet. Anything I forgot? Oh yeah Model credits in the picture! Lot's more hair coming up!

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