August 28, 2010

Savio 11 Child Conversion

This hair constitutes a success and a failure. The success is that I found out that I can do age conversions of long hair without losing bone assignments! The failure is that I've found out that you can't convert long hair to toddlers without some major editing... I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get it fixed for toddlers but I still think that it looks great on children. I did two versions of this hair one of Savio's original and one of Anubis's retexture hopefully one of the versions will make you happy. I don't know which one I really like more because I like them both but on different models! (The blond with Anubis and the 2 others with Savio)

WARNING! This hair is EXTREMELY high poly (About 15k) use at your own risk!!!!!!!

Thank you Savio & Anubis
Thank you Lady Front Bum for the skins
Thank you HP & Delphy for everything you guys do

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