August 28, 2010

Cut yo hair!! Two way too long hairs retextured

Here are two retextured hairs (no really!) They are NOT my normal style because really I don't like hairs that are this long BUT I know that some people like longer hairs even if they aren't my cup of tea. I hope you like them none the less.

First up is Peggyzone Fh080718 converted by TumTum

Check out the credits in the pic, you all are amazing!!!
I wasn't really sure whether to post this next hair or not... I don't like it a whole lot but maybe someone will, you all can decide for yourselfs... Anyway here is Anto 50 which was converted by Savio. This hair is sort of a milestone for me because it's the first time I've completely redone the mask, it's not GREAT but I definitely know what to improve on.

Note: Both are fairly high poly hairs, use at your own risk

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