September 24, 2010

Sesame Street T-Shirts

You are home all alone, when you walk into your bedroom you find a purple monster lying in your bed with a box of "cookies" next to him, when you go to take out the trash you receive some rude comments from a green creature, when you decide to call the police you find that your phone lines have been cut by a red life-form holding a goldfish.  Where are you? Why Seasame Street of course!

I think these shirts are cool but I don't own one, that's why I made them for my sims! For males child - adult (child is unisex) there is a S3P and a .package version included in the download. There are 3 designs which you can see.......

The Friday Update: 9/24/10

This is something I've wished to start for a while and now that I'm all settled in at my new blog I thought it would be the perfect time to start!

The Friday update is basically a place to relax, chat, and give you some ideas about what I'm working on. So..... tomorrow I'll be turning fifteen, it seems like my birthday snuck up on me this year! Somehow I got talked into picking apples with my friends church, we'll have to see how that goes XD

I have a couple retextures I'm working on but not a whole lot, I still need to fix that Anto bun that's causing so many problems, I'm sorry for the delay, hopefully that and the child/toddler versions will be up this weekend.

So what's up with you all? And for the video of the week enjoy this Capella version of Dynamite that I've been listening to constantly, I crack up every time I watch it! Have a good week everyone :)

September 20, 2010

The CASP File (A quickie tiptourial)

 Sometimes it's necessary to fix something but you don't want to open it up in CTU or TSRW (or it can't be opened), this is basically what the CASP file is, it holds the information on gender, age, file names, categories etc. Please note that this can only be used for CAS content, I found this while investigating Peggy files, I don't know if anyone has ever found this out or not but I haven't seen it being used before so at the very least it may bring the method into better light.

What this will teach you
How to fix a CAS parts age, gender, categories etc. in S3PE
How to make things unique (not overwriting anything) in S3PE

What this will not teach you
The basics of S3PE
Where to download S3PE
How to install .packages
How to make apple pie

Okay first off open S3PE and the .package file you want to edit. Look for the CASP file in the tags column.

Image Hosted by

Then look down to the bottom and click on  "Grid" this screen should pop-up

Image Hosted by

It should be pretty self explanatory, the 3rd one down you can see the file name which is what makes it unique. Then you see AgeGender and ClothingCategory the two you should be focused on.

Image Hosted by

Here is what the AgeGender looks like. Just change from true to false (or false to true) to make you edits! Easy right? Just click commit then save! You're done! Congrats!!

Note: Make sure S3PE is completely up to date, I've been told that having an older version doesn't allow you to use grid. 

September 19, 2010

Love You! >:D

I sort of just threw this set set together, it really doesn't have any particular theme other than the posters all have the same "feel", they're very cool and alternative-ish, obviously don't credit the actual art to me, all of it is by various artists I've found through deviant art or google. The mesh conversion is by Sweet Ambrosia. It's 35 posters all under a single mesh.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Create and Creativity Challenge Entry

Over at the Creators Corner they've been running this challenge, I knew I wanted to enter but I procrastinated and was only able to finish one picture :( The challenge was to take 1-3 shots of your sim doing something creative while wearing the Creators Corner T-shirt. There was also a limit on CC

So here's my entry titled "Dance of the yellow zebra lady" I don't think I'll win but I had a fun time taking the shot XD

Image Hosted by

Skin by 321Jiao
Contacts by Lemon Leaf
Eyebrows by Subaxi
Hair by Cazy edited by Anubis
Eyeshadow by Lady Front Bum

Okay now this is just for fun (Unless NewOne decides to bend the rules), this was going to be my 2nd shot but I didn't have time to finish it, so she's not wearing her T-Shirt :(

Image Hosted by

Credits (Some of the stuff is the same from above)
Skin by LFB
Lipstick by Lemon Leaf
Desk by Awesims
Dress by Lili
Mascara by LFB
Eyebrows by Subaxi (Same as above)
Eyes by Shady
Hair by Sav retextured by Anubis

I hope they make you you giggle :D

September 18, 2010

Anto 86 Retexture


I've been looking forward to this hair for a long time that I saw on Anto's coming attractions list. When Tum converted it I was so happy!!!!! So there you have it  :) I'm planning on doing a child version also, but since this is a new hair I wanted to get the retexture out quicker

Child & Toddler version uploaded here

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Poly Count
LOD0 - 15470
LOD1 - 10771
LOD2 - 998
LOD3 - 276

Thanks Anto & Tum! Also thanks Shady, Lady Front Bum, Lemon Leaf, Anubis, Lili, and Jiao for model stuff.

September 11, 2010

Shymoo 8 Fix + Retexture

Shymoo totally blew me away with his latest hair, it's just gorgeous ^_^ thanks! The file size was really bloated though because he included some unnecessary textures which I fixed, it cut the file size from 10 MB to 5. And of I retextured it which was the real reason I did it in the first place, I'm expecting Anto will correct the file in the next couple days.

Also (Which I should have mentioned earlier) this is my first post on my new blog! I hope you like it! Dreamwidth is just annoying! Blogger is easier to manage.

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Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Poly Count: 5504
Thanks To: All the usuals, Anubis, Lili, AAS, LFB,Shady, Subaxi

Welcome to my new blog!

Dadunuduh! I never really liked Dreamwidth, I find that Blogger is easier to work with and more people use it so hopefully that'll mean more visitors and comments!

Summer is over and I don't have as much time to update, when I was moving the blog I came across a post that I wrote at the beginning of the Summer.

"Yay! After a really busy month Summer is finally here! Idk about anyone else but I need a break! I have big goals for the Summer and I REALLY want to expand. I'm not a creator who just sticks to one kind of content I'm pretty scattered, I've touched basically every modding field out there. This summer I really want to advance myself as a creator. Right now no one knows who I am or about this blog, I hope by the end of the summer that I actually have some fans... I also hope to get meshing DOWN!!!!!!! I am really sick of not being able to convert or mesh! I think I could add a lot to the community but I really need to understand blender/CTU better. Also this summer I hope to release a world

Lot's of stuff coming at you guys so hold on tight :)"

I'm happy to say I accomplished nearly all those goals, When I posted that on June 9th I had done like 2 or 3 retextures which were really bad! Now I feel confident in retexturing. Some people actually like the stuff I do! I haven't really meshed much of my own stuff but I do feel good about age conversions and stuff like that.... new meshes will come in time, I didn't release a world, but that's mainly because CAW was down for a lot of the summer.....

As for new goals? I'm going to keep learning and trying to do my best, I feel good about what I've done but I'm nowhere near satisfied :)

Have a good day!


Sorry Peggy, Snooki called and she wants her bump-it back!

This hair had such great potential, my theory is that Peggy's real name is Peggy-Sue and she lives in Texas which is why she's fond of such ginormous hair. I did my best but no texture can save this hair........

Thanks to: Anubis, Lili, AllaboutStyle, Subaxi, Lady Front Bum, and Lemon Leaf (And maybe some I forgot 0.0) for model stuffs

September 4, 2010

Peggy 469 Retexture

So..... I don't really like this hair, some people wanted it so I did it.... but it's not my taste, hopefully you'll like it :) and sorry about the toddler pic..... I have no idea why it's so distorted!

Thanks to:
Poppy, AllaboutStyle, Anubis, Shady, Lemon Leaf, Jiao, Aikea, Anto, Savio, Peggy, EA, Subaxi, and Lady Front Bum for model stuff, for specifics ask me. Most are linked to the side (working on completing that!)

Tum's Anto 82 Retextured

Hi guys! So it's my first upload from my new computer! It's great! I've been doing a LOT of work. Besides the fact that I have way less free time because of school I also have been working on moving! Within the coming week I will be closing this blog and moving officially over to my new one at blogger because I like Blogger better. I also have done TONS of model work, I have 3 new adult models and 2 others that were old ones that have been edited. They look a lot better, you'll see 4 of them in the screens here, this is a cute one for formal occasions (good for everyday too but I wanted them in formal for some reason :P) Hope you like!

Poly count is about 14k, kinda high.

Thanks Tum!