September 11, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Dadunuduh! I never really liked Dreamwidth, I find that Blogger is easier to work with and more people use it so hopefully that'll mean more visitors and comments!

Summer is over and I don't have as much time to update, when I was moving the blog I came across a post that I wrote at the beginning of the Summer.

"Yay! After a really busy month Summer is finally here! Idk about anyone else but I need a break! I have big goals for the Summer and I REALLY want to expand. I'm not a creator who just sticks to one kind of content I'm pretty scattered, I've touched basically every modding field out there. This summer I really want to advance myself as a creator. Right now no one knows who I am or about this blog, I hope by the end of the summer that I actually have some fans... I also hope to get meshing DOWN!!!!!!! I am really sick of not being able to convert or mesh! I think I could add a lot to the community but I really need to understand blender/CTU better. Also this summer I hope to release a world

Lot's of stuff coming at you guys so hold on tight :)"

I'm happy to say I accomplished nearly all those goals, When I posted that on June 9th I had done like 2 or 3 retextures which were really bad! Now I feel confident in retexturing. Some people actually like the stuff I do! I haven't really meshed much of my own stuff but I do feel good about age conversions and stuff like that.... new meshes will come in time, I didn't release a world, but that's mainly because CAW was down for a lot of the summer.....

As for new goals? I'm going to keep learning and trying to do my best, I feel good about what I've done but I'm nowhere near satisfied :)

Have a good day!



LyeTastic said...

Heyyyy, welcome to your new blog! :D

I think you have a good chance of becoming an accomplished, well-known retexturer, up with Sav and Nubie, so keep up your good work.
The TS3 community can't afford to lose a modder of any kind, so if I can help you at all, just ask, hm?

Good luck man! <3

Robodl95 said...

Thank you! Means a lot :)