September 20, 2010

The CASP File (A quickie tiptourial)

 Sometimes it's necessary to fix something but you don't want to open it up in CTU or TSRW (or it can't be opened), this is basically what the CASP file is, it holds the information on gender, age, file names, categories etc. Please note that this can only be used for CAS content, I found this while investigating Peggy files, I don't know if anyone has ever found this out or not but I haven't seen it being used before so at the very least it may bring the method into better light.

What this will teach you
How to fix a CAS parts age, gender, categories etc. in S3PE
How to make things unique (not overwriting anything) in S3PE

What this will not teach you
The basics of S3PE
Where to download S3PE
How to install .packages
How to make apple pie

Okay first off open S3PE and the .package file you want to edit. Look for the CASP file in the tags column.

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Then look down to the bottom and click on  "Grid" this screen should pop-up

Image Hosted by

It should be pretty self explanatory, the 3rd one down you can see the file name which is what makes it unique. Then you see AgeGender and ClothingCategory the two you should be focused on.

Image Hosted by

Here is what the AgeGender looks like. Just change from true to false (or false to true) to make you edits! Easy right? Just click commit then save! You're done! Congrats!!

Note: Make sure S3PE is completely up to date, I've been told that having an older version doesn't allow you to use grid. 


Marie said...

It's me, Marie!!
From Twitter and TS2. Remember me? Haha.
Anyways, just commenting because I hadn't talked to you in forever. I'm still on Twitter and am active on the TS3 forums almost everyday. Maybe, we'll bump into each other soon.
Talk to you later!!

Robodl95 said...

Hey!!! I haven't seen you around much since the hideout died! You should join JPSS, it's a fun site :)

aWT said...

This is great! I did not knew S3PE had such feature.
No more lady hair in male category!

Thanks for pointing it out Robo! :)

Anonymous said...

hey rob!
stop kidding with the what this tutorial won't teach you!

Robodl95 said...

I'm not kidding, this tutorial absolutely won't teach you how to make apple pie!

Anonymous said...

lol for apple pie, quick question;
do you know what file under the CASP lets clothing/hair come up randomly? Because i have some hairs that just don't belong on my townies -.-

Robodl95 said...

It's under the categories along with everyday/formal/undies etc. you have to scroll down till you see "Valid for Random"

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks ^_^

Shyne said...

I just wanted to thank you again for this tutorial, Rob. Someone on Anubis' site asked for it. I posted it there for you :)

Robodl95 said...

You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! I knew there had to be a way to make CTU-style edits in S3PE but I couldn't quite figure it out myself.

Anonymous said...

I never knew it was so easy to make these changes before. Now I can have more random hairs and no girly hair on men. thank you so much

awwboo said...

Thank you so much for your help with this tutorial. Now I can zap those nasty flippers! :D

Alex said...


I wanted to use your method to change some hair in the naked categorie, but somehow your method is not working for me :( I did exactly what you said, but the sims will change their hair when they are naked :( Is there anything special about it or is this just not working?

Robodl95 said...

If you're using already made sims I don't think it will work (you still changed the category but the sims naked hair is still whatever it was)

Alex said...

I made a new sim in a new neighbourhood, but the sim is still changing his hair... Am I doing something wrong? Do you tried this already and did it work for you? I just changed the naked category in s3pe... is there more to do?

AugurSGFX said...

Editing the package file to remove the hair's usage while naked, imho, isn't the right way to fix the changing hair while naked problem. Reason being is if you actually use that hair, then shower, you may end up bald while doing so ;oP

I'm assuming that if you change outfits afterwords, the hair fixes itself, no?

Either way... if you use the MasterController mod by NRaas, when naked :

Click on sim, then on NRaas / Master Controller
Go to advanced and click on Edit in CAS
ONLY click on the hair button, set it to the hair you want while naked, then click on checkmark at bottom to save. Important thing to remember is to NOT edit anything else.

Hope that works for you, tho I will say that occasionally it will revert to changing the hairstyle, usually after a semi-major event as age group or pregnancy change. Been my experience at least.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Great - this is what I was looking for, 'cause I wondered how to edit casp with sp3pe. I have a peggyzone package and the clothes are totally bad situated.

Thanks for this clear advice and help.
C. Dark

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robodl95 & Augur - having both these problems & this is the only place where I've found the solution to both problems (well, I do visit Nrass site occassionally but didn't check for the showering with clothes dilema)...

Anonymous said...

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