September 24, 2010

The Friday Update: 9/24/10

This is something I've wished to start for a while and now that I'm all settled in at my new blog I thought it would be the perfect time to start!

The Friday update is basically a place to relax, chat, and give you some ideas about what I'm working on. So..... tomorrow I'll be turning fifteen, it seems like my birthday snuck up on me this year! Somehow I got talked into picking apples with my friends church, we'll have to see how that goes XD

I have a couple retextures I'm working on but not a whole lot, I still need to fix that Anto bun that's causing so many problems, I'm sorry for the delay, hopefully that and the child/toddler versions will be up this weekend.

So what's up with you all? And for the video of the week enjoy this Capella version of Dynamite that I've been listening to constantly, I crack up every time I watch it! Have a good week everyone :)


Anonymous said...

So I am a few days late. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are just now 15? Wow so much talent in all you younglings :)

Robodl95 said...

Thanks :)

Luis said...

Hi, everyone. O apologize in advance should I have posted this is the wrong place.
Intending to fix the naked hair issue, i've gone across forums seeking a solution, but all that i've found was instructions to change info on the CASP of a CC package. The problem that i have though, happens with an original EA TS3 stock hair. That present a greater problem because there are just SOOOO MANY CASP sections in the original packages. So here I am now asking if anyone has any info that may help me. Thank you in advance!

Oh, i had never posted here before, so I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate whoever is responsible for its existance. I've learned a lot about TS3 reading these pages!

Live Long and Prosper!