August 28, 2010

Fly Away Angel: Raon 22 Age Conversion

Why is this called Fly away Angel? Well mainly just because I like to make up names... This is a cute hair for adults and I think it looks extremely cute on toddlers & children (Especially toddlers in my opinion). The original was converted by Tumtum. I think that this looks better than my previous conversion. I didn't retexture it because the textures weren't that bad to begin with, also this hair is extremely tough to texture!!

The poly count is sorta high at 11,180 it's not as bad as some hairs but if you have a dying computer be sure you know what it can handle poly wise. And because I know I will be questioned the blond kid's name is Max, I have no clue what he is so freaked out about XD

Raonjena for the original mesh
Tum for the conversion
Lady Front Bum for her skins
HP for the tutorial


Anonymous said...

hey. love your works. but uhm.. the link is dead. multi upload doesnt open :/

Anonymous said...

I love your hair but those links are all broken!! I really want to download it.