March 13, 2011

Conversion of Peggy 231

Been a long time since I last posted a conversion. I finally did one without transparency problems! I have no idea how I got through my first conversion! It's not perfect but I'm satisfied with how it came out. I think I posted a preview of this like two months ago? It's been sitting unfinished for a while :P

I hope that any of you affected by the recent earthquake are safe along with your families. God bless :)
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Hey! Thanks!!! beautiful hair!
one question: ¿where you downloaded the font of the first image?.
Is similar to that used on the cover Britney Spears from her new album titled: FEMME FATALE.
Please tell me the page or upload the Font to mediafire. is a very big favor.!

Robodl95 said...

Thanks :)


Ohh Thanks so MUCH! for the Fint &
I Love This Hair!!!!!!!!!!! thankksssss!

Sims said...

Hi !

I do love the name of your site. It's really funny.

Also, thank you for your creation. ;)

Catori said...

The downloads aren't working on your least none of the one's I've tried so far.
:C I love this hair, and would love to have it, but can't get to it...