March 7, 2011

Regarding TSR...

With the onslaught of new attacks recently against GOS (again) and other sites by TSR I felt like I should chip in. TSR is bad news! Besides the fact that it is a paysite (tsk tsk) they will share your personal information and they have done it in the past. TSR is notorious for hacking sites, shutting them down and often replacing them with pornography trying to eliminate the free competition. Many of you are familiar with the Sims Magazine Living Sims, I'm a member there and I always enjoy reading their wonderful professional magazine, they were hacked several months ago when TSR started their magazine along with one of my favorite object creators Awesims. Anto at CoolSims has also received numerous hacking attempts.

I feel so bad for the sheep who get sucked into TSR, there are so many better sites out there that are completely free, don't share information, don't put worms and trackers into downloads and actually love the sims for the game instead of trying to scam you out of your money. I hope you will inform yourself at

I'd also like to point out for a moment that we should not blame the creators, there are some great creators at TSR that do work just as well as the rest of the sims community. I have downloaded some things from TSR but I always run it through the virus scanner first, encourage TSR creators to depart and create their own blogs (if they lose their creators then they won't make any money). And to other blog owners, back-up regularly! When people complain about us not including Newsea meshes in our retextures it is for our own safety, even then it's probably still risky.

Don't give in to TSR, inform others about their misdeeds and avoid them at all costs. If they don't get the subscriptions then they are powerless. Be sure to be safe and check downloads for worms, back up your sites regularly. Support free and safe content, don't support TSR.


Mandi said...

Well said. I wish there was a way to let all the unknowing TSR users know the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is a request

do you think you would be able to fix this male hair texture?
when you find the time
here is the link

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hiya, I have a male hair request! :)

I'm working on a celebrity sim in MTS, and this hair would be perfect for him. (it's a really cool hair anyways too, not too many long AND cool hairs for TS3 males around yet...)

Thanks for your time and great work!

Elan said...

Question- you mention there being other alterenative sites to TSR. I love getting custom content and stuff for my house- but don't want my info compromised. Could you provide links or site names to sites you trust?

Robodl95 said...

Any site besides TSR really, I've never heard of people having problems with anybody but them.

Since you said houses my favorite object sites are Awesims and Aroundthesims3. If you check the links on the right and my affiliates you'll see everyone else (missing a few... I have to update that badly...)

@ Anon, think I responded to you somewhere else (don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring you)

Tami-chan said...

TSR is stupid
i mean, the game was suposed to be for fun, not a money-maker!
and it's not fair because they're not only getting money, they also destroy honest creators...
i practically would marry

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