October 28, 2010

Late Night and Other News

Late Night has arrived! I got it yesterday and it's really fun, definitely the best EP so far imo, the build/buy mode additions are game changing (in a building way), I'm really motivated to start (another) world that I most likely will never finish XD EA's buildings are really ugly but the things that builders are going to be able to do will be amazing! I can't wait to see all the clubs and cool buildings we're gonna get! Also the clothing is amazing (hairs are ugly!!!) there is a lot for males and females! And best of all it's all normal clothing.

My content all should be working, I haven't seen any problems with anything but if you do then please tell me.

Happy Halloween everybody, my township is weird and we have ToT on Thursday so today is basically the day we celebrate, My friends bailed and so I'm not going for candy but I'm walking around with my parents and brother :) I'm wearing my "This is my costume" shirt.

Might have a couple LN mods in the next few days, have a good rest of the week!

Edit: Extreme grammar fails

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LyeTastic said...

Lol, I can't wait to get Late Night. xD I was going to get all the other EPs first, but now I dunno. I haven't played TS3 in awhile, so... /shrugs/
Glad you're enjoying it though. 8D